AFK Arena Cheats

AFK Arena Cheats

AFK Arena Cheats

AFK Arena Cheats – Farm instant diamonds Hack Codes

AFK Arena is an entertaining strategy mobile game which is published by Lilith Games. In AFK Arena, you will spend most of the time in farming various resources and leveling your heroes. Completing various of missions and quests is the only way to achieve success in this game. As your game play progress move, you will unlock more dungeons and heroes in the game. You also need to build a strong team to defeat the evil force in every stage. That’s why we are here to show you AFK Arena hack. With this tool’s help, you will become unbeatable in the battle!

AFK Arena Currency & How to get them

There are more than one currency you need to collect in this game. One of the most important one is Diamond! We need you to focus on this premium currency in the gameplay.

Diamonds can help you in all aspects in the game such as hero unlock, hero upgrade and hero summon. Getting diamonds is a not a difficult job if you have plenty of time for the game! You can finish daily quests and special events to claim free diamonds. Remember this will be a long farming diamond journey if you use this method. Fortunately, the game provides players a new way to get free rewards including diamonds – AFK Arena Redemption Code. These codes are provided by the game developers every day. Once you get these codes, you can redeem your free gifts in the game setting page! However, if you are not the lucky guy who don’t get any AFK Arena redemption code, you can try our AFK Arena cheats which is able to generate you instant diamonds within a few click.

AFK Arena gameplay tips and tricks

Below AFK Arena tricks and tips are tested in each stage of the game. They are very helpful for each AFK Arena player. If you want to succeed in this game, we recommend you follow these tips to your game play!

  • Know your hero’s faction – Each of your hero has its own faction. You need to be familiar with this attribute before you send them to fight! Different faction will bring you different fighting result even they are the same heroes. For example, Graveborn heroes will take more damage from Lightbearers heroes. You may call this ‘Attribute mutual restriction’.
  • Don’t stay focus on the specific level – Many players will stay on the same level until they completely defeat it! We highly recommend you not to follow this strategy. It will cost you lots of resource and energy! We encourage you to skip this level and try to challenge the next stage instead! Sometimes, you will figure out how to defeat your unpassed level easily!
  • Swap your hero’s position in arena properly – In some stages, you will find that it is easy to kill your enemies by swapping your hero’s position simply. Because some heroes will release their full power in the specific location.
  • Keep eyes on your hero’s energy – Every time your hero release a skill attack will cost him/she some energy point. The higher level of the skill is, the more energy points will be cost! Although the energy point will replenished every minute, you should not ignore the time to replenish full energy! This is the chance your enemy will use to know you down!


Aside from these cheats and tips, you also need to update your fighting strategy from months to months, especially, when the game has big update! All in all, to succeed in the AFK Arena game, you need to combine good gaming strategy and strong hero team together.

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