MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats

MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats

MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats

MARVEL Contest of Champions Cheats – Get free Units Hack that work

There are many mobile games related to marvel these days. However, there is no one can shake the No one position of MARVEL Contest of Champions game so far. It is a contest game developed by Kabam company. This game has been on the market for more than three years. Yet, the popularity still increases every day! In contest of champions, you build a Marvel team to fight against the villains. You can team up your favorite marvel heroes (such as Captain of American) to help your champions’ fight! It is a good tactic to have a working MARVEL Contest of Champions hack to help your game play! So please pay attention to below guide!

Six useful tips and cheats help you beat your champions enemies quickly

  • Learn about the heroes’ class – Hero’s class matters a lot in contest fight. If your hero belongs to a class which is weaker than others, then you will suffer more damage in the fight. So when building your marvel team, you’d better put class factor as the first priority.
  • Try to make combo attacks as many as you can – Combo attack does have good impact in your fighting. On one hand, it will boost the damage of you enemies. On the other hand, once your hero release a combo attack, he/she will get more synergy bonus (including health boost, energy boost, etc) in the end.
  • Take the story quest as your first task – There are many events and tasks in this game. You need to figure out which one you should proceed firstly, so that you can save lots of time and energy. Story quests are the main quests in contest of champions. Once you complete this quest, you will get energy point as your main reward. Other events and quests are more difficult. So you should follow story quest firstly.
  • Farming units and crystals at the same time – Some players have no clue how to farm more units and crystal in the game. They only know to get them from the in-app store. In fact, the most directly way to farm them is take part in the monthly event. However, if you can’t win that event, you get nothing. We usually make use of MARVEL Contest of Champions hack to farm free units and crystals in the game at the same time. It’s a good tool to save our money and time.
  • Level up your hero one by one – If you have not enough resource to upgrade all your heroes. We recommend you level up them one by one. First, you should level up your high-rank hero, then the second one. In such way, you will get all your heroes upgrade slowly but steady.
  • Bring more potions before each fight – You can’t make sure you can defeat every enemy without injury. That’s why you need to bring potions into your inventory. Especially when you are dealing with difficult quests, you’d better bring potions as many as you can.


Although we have summarizes some helpful MARVEL Contest of Champions cheats in this post, you still need to dig deeper in the game to discover more secret and hidden tricks. So that you can always keep the NO one ranking in the Contest Champions lists!

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