Minecraft Earth Cheats

Minecraft Earth Cheats

Minecraft Earth Cheats

Minecraft Earth Hack – Get free rubies and minecoins Cheats & Spoofing

Minecraft Earth is a brand new AR mobile game for Minecraft fans. It is developed and published by Mojang. After a long waited time, this awesome craft adventure game finally out! This time, you can create the block and buildings work in the real world using AR tech. All the stuffs built in the Minecraft can be transferred and used in this game. (But currently, the night adventure is not enable. Maybe it will open in later stage!) As in Minecraft, you can participate in survival mode and creative mode as you wish. No matter which mode you are in, playing with a working Minecraft Earth hack will always do help your adventure!

Minecraft Earth Currency

Let’s start with gaming currency in Minecraft Earth. There are two main currency in this game. One is rubies and the other is minecoins. Minecoins are the frequently used resource in the crafting adventure. You can farming coins in each map as long as you pay more attention to each hidden location. Farming minecoins are very easy in each stage is your equipment are better enough. Here we need you to focus on improvement of the farming tools if you want to collect lots of Minecoins in the game.

Rubies are a bit more difficult to earn compared with Minecoins. They are the premium currency in the game. Using rubies you can almost do everything you like to do. For example, you will unlock more rare skins and weapons by spending a few rubies. So you can call it a powerful existing in this game. Many players are curious of how to get free rubies instantly. Well, it is not a difficult job is you own a working Minecraft Earth hacks. They are something like Minecraft Earth spoofing (gps spoofer). With it, you can fake your GPS and earn instant rubies into account within a few minutes. Do keep in mind that don’t use any Minecraft Earth mods when using hacking services, otherwise your game will get crashed!

Some Minecraft Earth Cheats and Tips help you spoofing

In this section, you will learn how to complete your adventure with a quick path. These tips and cheats are easy to follow as long as you put some effort in the game.

  • Make sure to build your first house – As long as you have enough resource, you’d better build your own house immediately. By doing this you can keep away from mobs and monsters easily.
  • Bring torches with you – Before going out to collect resource, be sure to check your inventory to make sure you have bring torches with you. Because they are the best weapons to drive out the monsters and mobs. So when you have enough rubies and minecoins, we suggest you buy more torches as long as you can.
  • Put wood harvest as your first priority – If you are planning to harvest some resources outside, you should put wood harvest as your first choice. Try to find a place in which there are many trees around it. As a result, you will complete your wood harvest quickly!
  • Spend Rubies wisely – When you can’t wait to make another craft action, you can spend rubies to skip the waiting period. Especially, when you own large amount rubies in your hand, you should do this without a second thought. It will shorten your whole game play time.


If you are a fan of Minecraft, you should really try Minecraft Earth mobile game in your devices. It give you an opportunity to craft in real world. In addition, if you are facing difficulties during the game play, you can turn into our Minecraft Earth hacks and cheats tips for help!

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