Rush Wars Hack

Rush Wars Hack

Rush Wars Hack

Rush Wars Hack – Time to get free 100k gems Cheats

Rush Wars is an extremely addictive casual strategy game, which is developed and published by Supercell. In this game, you can enjoy real time battles by using different exciting and unexpected characters. You can either play as a single player or play as a team in each battle. The game provides players with lots of battle maps and characters, so that they will not feel bored. Moreover, Rush wars is free-to-play mobile game, although there are some in-app purchases inside it. However, you can use working Rush Wars hack to bypass this easily!


Gems are the premium currency in Rush wars, which can be used to purchase various resources; such as, Weapons, Skills, and skins etc. All your exercise time in the game can be short by gems. You can also convert your gems into gold coins if you are out of them. Frankly speaking, with gems, you can do whatever you want in the game. Otherwise, you have to experience a painful game play.

You can knock down your enemies within three minutes if you have lots of gems in your account! Getting gems quickly can lead you to master the game fast and easy. Besides earn gems from the regular missions, we strongly suggest you try our brand new Rush Wars hack. It can help you get instant gems without being banned by the game!

Cheats Tips for better gameplay

  • Get into adventure mode as early as you can. – We can assure you that adventure mode will make you rich at the beginning of the game play. All the enemies there are controlled by AI. So, you don’t have to worry about how strong they will be. In this mode, you can explore some hidden area in the map in which contains lots of gold coins and gems. Do spend more time on map’s exploring!
  • Try to collect different characters in your game play. – As mentioned before, you have lots of characters to choose from when dealing with battles. Some of them are good at fighting in a close range, some of them are good at shooting from a long distance, and the others are good at supporting. Once you collect all types of characters, you can deploy them accordingly in the battle arena.
  • Keep fighting to make your character strong. – The most effective way to make your characters strong is sending them to battle. After each fighting, they will gain exp and skill points. You can assign the skill points to each character who you wish to make it strong. Just remember team balance when you are doing such action.
  • Don’t hesitate to join a team – If you can’t beat down your opponent in some stage, try to join a team – this always works especially you are in the strong team. When joining a team, we usually group friends together to be a team. – For us, this is the most effective way to get a better team in Rush wars.


Rush wars is not a easy game if you don’t have any strategy experience before. However, you can follow our guide to make the game play more easier. If you have not get this game, hurry up to download it from apple store or google play store now!

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